Kasumigaseki Country Club (KCC)       

1)What is a special feature of KCC?

     In 1957, the first international golf game was held in KCC. This game was called the Canada  Cup, which is known as the World Cup today. KCC is located in Musashino Hills having rich  greenery. Japanese golf  fever has heated up since then.

2)Is 霞が関(Kasumigaseki) at Chiyoda Ward in Tokyo related to
霞ヶ関(Kasumigaseki) in Kawagoe?

     No, it isn't. Japanese government office quarter in Tokyo is shown as 霞が関 in Japanese.
In 1967,  the name was changed from  霞ヶ関 to 霞が関 (霞ヶ関 and 霞が関 has the same  pronunciation.) The nearest station of our university is 霞ヶ関 Station. The original name of  the  station was Matoba Station in Kawagoe. However  in 1929, KCC was opened in Kawagoe,  so  the name of the station changed to Kasumigaseki Station.

3)When was KCC opened?

     The east course was opened in 1929, and the west course was opened in 1932. KCC opened  the first  golf course in Japan which had 36 holes. The oldest golf course in Japan is Kobe Golf  Club, which was opened in 1903. The oldest golf course in the world, by the way, is Lieth Links  in Scotland, which was opened in 1744.

4)When did golf become an official Olympic event?

     In Paris Olympics in 1900 and Saint Louis Olympics in 1904, the golf games were held.  However, golf games have not been included in the Olympic Games until Rio Olympics in 2016.  112 years have passed since then!!!

5)Where are the other stadiums of Tokyo Olympic in 2020?

National Stadium (track and field, soccer)
Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium (table  tennis)
Nippon Budokan (judo)

Enoshima Yacht Harbor (sailing)

Makuhari Messe (wrestling, fencing, and

Saitama Super Arena (basketball)
Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Asaka
Camp (shooting)

Name Kasumigaseki Country Club
Address 3398, Kasahata, Kawagoe City, Saitama, 350-1175, Japan
Establishment October 6, 1929
Website http://www.kasumigasekicc.or.jp/english/index.html

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